A Giant tribute to Jacinda Barclay

TRYING to use words to describe Cinda feels like an injustice to her unique personality and approach on life.

She was unlike anyone you have ever met before and with that, has left an irreplaceable hole in our playing group.

She had an infectiously playful and cheeky energy that left a mark on everyone she came across.

She brought joy to those around her and had a knack for knowing when you needed it most.

Barclay's sensational snap

00:42 Feb 23. 2020. 2:13 PM

Jacinda Barclay roves from a pack to snap a stunning goal for GWS

As a teammate she was loyal and protective, the type of player you were so glad was on your side and not lining up opposite you.

Many of us have made the mistake of coming up against Barcs at training, only to regret it later.

During pre-season a couple of years ago, one of our new recruits fronted up against Cinda in a tackling drill in one of her first sessions.

She has since admitted that was the first time she has ever cried at training and the encounter had left her questioning whether she had made the right call moving from Netball to AFLW.

That ferociousness on the field was Cinda’s trademark.

She was fearless and when she went near the ball you knew something was going to happen: a goal, a pack mark or a game-changing tackle.

Season one, in our first ever home game as an AFLW team, we were locked in a tight contest against Fremantle.

Our team needed to lift. We needed inspiration. It is no surprise this came from Cinda.

She laid a bone-crunching tackle in front of the interchange gate, jumped to her feet, turned to the grandstand and roared at the crowd.

A moment etched into the minds of all who were there that day. An inspirational play from an inspirational player.

GWS player Jacinda Barclay has sadly passed away. Picture: AFL Media

Some of the funniest moments in our history as an AFLW club came from Cinda. 

From bombing the ice baths in goggles and a swim cap, much to the dismay of half the team who were barely "dipping their toes" in at the time.

To backflipping off a yacht cruise into the middle of Sydney Harbour in the midst of a team photo, departing with a swift "See-Ya" sending the boat crew into panic and man-overboard protocol.

She knew how to make you laugh and push the boundaries all at the same time.

Cinda was unique and faced some unique challenges in her time at the Giants.

She always chose to see the good in people and was authentic and true-to-self even when that meant her opinion was different to the status-quo.

Cinda forced us to look at things via a different lens, opening our eyes to other possibilities and other perspectives.

AFLW: Barclay's hang and bang

Mar 18. 2017. 7:52 PM

Jacinda Barclay takes a strong mark and drills the set shot

A free spirit, a fierce competitor, an exceptional athlete, a loyal teammate, a loving and compassionate human being.

We all stand a little taller from knowing her.

Cinda, your legacy will remain alive in all that we do.

A Giant from inception, forever a Giant #34. 

- Your Giants family