Talent ambassador Kevin Sheehan reveals his top draft prospects

AFL Talent Ambassador Kevin Sheehan has today released his Top 30 AFL Women’s Draft Prospects ahead of the 2020 NAB AFL Women’s Draft which will take place on Tuesday, October 6 in a virtual format commencing at 7:00pm AEST on womens.afl.

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2020 NAB AFL Women’s Draft – Top 30 Draft Prospects
Alyssa Bannan
Northern Knights, NAB League / Victoria Metro
Height - 178cm      
Date of Birth - 13/04/02
Strong marking forward who is very good below the knees and extremely agile. Presents well as target up forward being first to move and reads the game well. Started the season impressively averaging 14.3 disposals, 5.7 marks and kicking a total of 9 goals in 3 matches for the Northern Knights in the NAB League. Member of the NAB AFLW Academy in 2019/20.
Olivia Barber
Murray Bushrangers, NAB League / Victoria Country
Date of Birth – 14/07/02
Tall forward who is an extremely strong overhead mark and excels in one on one contests. Kicked 16 goals in 11 matches last year. Can also play in the ruck and influence stoppages. All-Australian in Under 18s in 2019 as a bottom age player averaging 10.3 disposals and kicking 5 goals in 3 matches. Given she is relatively new to game from a basketball background she has plenty of upside.
Annise Bradfield
Southport: QAFLW / Queensland
Height- 170cm         
Date of Birth - 09/12/02
Been a very consistent performer in state League football for Bond playing a range of roles showing great versatility. Very strong in the contest can match it one on one with players both tall and small. Has excellent footy nous reading the game very well. Was in the NAB AFL Academy in 2019/20 and a member of the Gold Coast Suns Academy.
Tarni Brown
Eastern Ranges, NAB League / Victoria Metro
Height- 166cm     
Date of Birth – 26/03/02
Inside midfielder who only came into the AFLW pathway in the last couple of years after initially pursuing basketball. Was in super form earlier this year averaging 24 possessions (16 contested) in 2 games. Daughter of former Collingwood champion Gavin Brown who already has son’s Callum and Tyler with the Magpies. Tarni is set to join them under the father/daughter rule at next week’s AFLW Draft. Member of NAB AFLW Academy in 2019/20.
Alice Burke           
Sandringham Dragons, NAB League/ Haileybury College.
Height- 166cm     
Date of Birth- 03/11/02
Midfielder / defender who uses the ball exceptionally well either foot and has clean hands, good vision and decision making. Super competitive type with her run-down tackles and hardness trademarks of her play. Duel Best and fairest winner at the Sandringham Dragons after only a short period in the game after crossing from soccer. Started season impressively again averaging 19 disposals (11 contested) 6 tackles,3 clearances in 3 NAB League games. Daughter of former St Kilda champion Nathan Burke (now AFLW coach at Western Bulldogs) but now he will have to coach against her as under the father/daughter rule will join the Saints at next week’s AFLW Draft. Member of NAB AFLW Academy in 2019/20.
Teah Charlton
South Adelaide, SANFL / South Australia    
Height- 169cm      
Date of Birth- 25/04/02
Midfielder / forward who is strong overhead and attacks the ball with ferocity. Has elite athletic attributes and together with her excellent game sense has contributed to her impressive performances this year with South Adelaide averaging 17.9 disposals in 7 matches. An All-Australian at Under 18s level last year as a bottom ager and member of the NAB AFL Academy in 2019/20.
Shanae Davison
Swan Districts, WAFLW / Noranda Hawks
Height- 164cm      
Date of Birth - 18/08/01
Midfielder / forward who uses her natural leap and clean hands to take strong overhead marks often in leaping Liam Ryan fashion. A very attacking player, she also shows good game sense and is a sound set shot for goal. Originally from Broome in the north of Western Australia, she was invited to join the 2020 intake into the NAB AFL Academy.
Daisy D’Arcy
Hermit Park, Queensland
Height- 162cm      
Date of Birth- 12/12/02
Midfielder from Townsville in far North Queensland who has a rugby 7s and soccer background but now is excelling in the AFLW pathway. Quick off the mark and dynamic at stoppages she is also a creative user of the football. Averaged 9.3 disposals and 2 tackles for Queensland in AFLW Under 18s last year. Member of the Gold Coast Suns Academy and NAB AFLW Academy in 2019/20.
Isabella Eddey
Sandringham Dragons, NAB League / Victoria Metro
Height- 162cm      
Date of Birth - 02/11/02
Midfielder / forward with silky skills who excels in close with an excellent step through traffic. Shows composure with the football in hand and can be dangerous up forward with footy nous around goal. Averaged 17.7 disposals in 3 matches in bright start to the season before the NAB League season was suspended.
Tarni Evans
Queanbeyan Tigers, ACT
Height- 180cm      
Date of Birth- 01/02/02
Athletic left footer who can play on the wing but also capable of going back or forward and use her height to advantage. Uses her speed to good effect and attacks the contest aggressively. Has excellent skill set and ability to adapt to changing roles. Averaged 9 disposals in 3 matches for the Eastern Allies in AFLW Under 18s in 2019 and member of the NAB AFLW Academy.
Zimmorlei Farquharson
Calamvale/Yeronga, Queensland
Height- 172cm         
Date of Birth- 27/04/02
Gifted and natural talent who has played for three years in the Queensland Under 18s team with her ability in the air and around goals a feature of her play. Also noted for her tackling pressure up forward, she played a major role in Queensland’s upset win over Victoria Metro in 2018 providing some real X-factor up forward. Member of the Brisbane Lions Academy and the NAB AFLW Academy in 2019/20.
Jessica Fitzgerald
Northern Knights, NAB League / Victoria Metro
Height- 163cm     
Date of Birth- 08/03/02
Midfielder who is both agile and quick which she uses to great effect away from stoppages. Really impressed last year for Victoria Metro as a bottom ager with her good decision making and smart ball use. Was in top form early in season averaging 18.7 disposals, 5 clearances and 3.7 tackles before the NAB League was suspended. Member of NAB AFLW Academy in 2019/20.
Laura Gardiner
Geelong Falcons, NAB League / Victoria Country
Height- 164cm      
Date of Birth- 21/11/02
Midfielder who had outstanding start to NAB League season in gathering a record 38 possessions ( 14 tackles) versus Gippsland Power in Round one before following up with 31 possessions ( plus 9 tackles) against the Northern Knights the next week before Covid-19 restrictions hit. Her work rate, running capacity and game sense are all features of her play. Member of NAB AFLW Academy in 2019/20.
Jayde Hamilton
Queanbeyan Tigers, NSW/ ACT
Height - 164cm     
Date of Birth - 21/08/02
Midfielder who stands out with her ball use and decision-making ability with the ball. Courageous player who can play on the inside or outside who wins plenty of the footy, loves the contest and can hit the scoreboard. Starred for NSW-ACT last year averaging 23 disposals (14.5 contested) before playing for the Eastern Allies in the NAB AFLW Under 18s Championships. Member of NAB AFLW Academy in 2019/20.
Sarah Hartwig
Sandringham Dragons, NAB League / Victoria Metro
Height- 173cm     
Date of Birth- 12/04/02
Composed defender whose intercept marking is a feature of her play along with her sound decision making. Also, versatile enough to go successfully into the midfield and have an impact. Was averaging 15 disposals and 4.7 tackles in bright start to NAB League this year. Member of NAB AFLW Academy in 2019/20.
Mimi Hill
Oakleigh Chargers, NAB League / Victoria Metro
Height- 165cm       
Date of Birth- 04/10/02
Defender/midfielder who captained the Oakleigh Chargers in 2019. Impressed with her hard running from defence and intercept marking averaging 17.8 disposals in 10 matches. Creative player in setting up the play with excellent vision and clean, quick hands. Started 2020 well averaging 24.5 disposals and 6 clearance before the NAB League was suspended. Member of NAB AFLW Academy in 2019/20.
Maddison Levi
Bond University, Queensland
Date of Birth- 27/04/02
Tall forward who has represented Australia in rugby 7s. A player who excels in winning contested ball both overhead and one on one. A fierce competitor who also has the leg speed to break the lines she has also shown to be a long kick of the football. Represented Queensland in AFLW Under 18s Championships last year averaging 11 possessions and 4.8 tackles. Member of NAB AFLW Academy in 2019/20.
Isabella Lewis 
Claremont, WAFLW
Height- 162cm       
Date of Birth- 16/11/02
Midfielder with blistering speed and very strong in the contest. Also, an aggressive tackler who works hard in all aspects of her game. Averaged 9.8 disposals representing Western Australia in last year’s AFLW Under 18s Championships. Member of the NAB AFLW Academy in 2019/20
Olivia Meagher
Eastern Ranges, NAB League / Victoria Metro
Height- 157cm    
Date of Birth- 10/12/02
Inside midfielder who attacks the ball strongly and tackles fiercely. Started very strongly in the NAB League this year averaging 21.5 disposals and 6.5 clearances in 2 matches before the seasons was suspended. Member of NAB AFLW Academy in 2019/20.
Ellie McKenzie
Northern Knights, NAB League / Victoria Metro
Height- 176cm    
Date of Birth- 17/10/02
Midfielder/forward who is a powerful athlete who excels at stoppages using her power and speed to break away and her long-left foot to penetrate into her team’s forward line. Started the season in great style averaging 19 disposals, 5 marks, 4.7 inside 50s and 3 clearances. Brother Tom was at Kangaroos as a Rookie so has plenty of AFL football in her upbringing. Also, a member of the NAB AFLW Academy and a very exciting prospect for AFLW going forward.
Eliza McNamara
Sandringham Dragons, NAB League/ Victoria Metro
Date of Birth- 19/04/02
Forward/midfielder with outstanding work rate and plays with a real presence around the football. Was certainly in good touch before shutdown averaging 17.3 disposals and 6.3 tackles in 3 matches. Tested as an outstanding endurance athlete at the Victorian Combine becoming the first woman to break the 7 minutes for the 2km trial.
Darcy Moloney
Geelong Falcons, NAB League / Victoria Country
Height- 165cm  
Date of Birth- 20/11/02
Midfielder who is a creative type who links up well with teammates providing good run for her side into attack. Started the season on fire for the Geelong Falcons gathering 28 possessions versus the Gippsland Power and followed this up with 25 disposals against the Northern Knights. Member of NAB AFLW Academy in 2019/20.
Isabella Pritchard
Western Jets, NAB League / Victoria Metro
Date of Birth- 08/03/02
Versatile player who can play tall both back and forward. Strong overhead and although relatively new to the game, is also capable of going into the midfield and having an impact. Another to really impress at start of season averaging 22.7 disposals, 3.3 marks and 7.3 tackles in opening 3 rounds. Member of NAB AFLW Academy in 2019/20.
Renee Saulitis
GWV Rebels, NAB League / Victoria Country
Height- 163cm    
Date of Birth- 14/08/02
Forward/midfielder who is clever around goals and has natural game sense. Impressive as a bottom ager in the NAB AFL Under 18s Championships in 2019 and hails from Warrnambool in the Hampden region. Had solid start to year averaging 12 disposals, 2.5 marks and 3 tackles in opening 2 games. Member of NAB AFLW Academy in 2019/20.
Tyanna Smith
Dandenong Stingrays, NAB League / Victoria Country
Height- 167cm    
Date of Birth 29/10/02
Starred as a bottom ager last year winning the Stingrays best and fairest awards and All-Australian honours at the NAB AFLW Under 18s Championships averaging 15.3 disposals. Elite athlete who started 2020 in terrific form averaging 25.3 disposals ,7 clearances, 6 tackles in 3 matches. From a strong AFL pedigree being sister of Ash Smith who was drafted from Stingrays to the West Coast Eagles where he played 45 games as a dashing defender/ midfielder.
Indy Tahau
South Adelaide, SANFLW / South Australia
Height- 174cm   
Date of Birth- 22/10/02
Versatile type who can play ruck or up forward. Very competitive and athletic player who was impressive for Central allies in 2019 NAB AFL Under 18s Championships averaging 13.5 possessions. Finished outstanding 2019 season with best on ground performance in SANFLW Grand Final for South Adelaide after averaging 12.4 disposals ,2.7 clearances and 4.1 tackles in 7 matches. Comes from a rugby background and is still learning her craft in AFLW. Member of NAB AFLW Academy in 2019/20.
Sarah Verrier
Peel Thunder, WAFLW / Western Australia
Height- 168cm    
Date of Birth- 02/08/02
Skilful defender who has impressed in representing Western Australia in the last 2 Under 18s championships averaging 11.2 disposals and 4.6 tackles last year. Comes from a strong AFL family with her brother Steven a Rookie with Richmond in 2012. Member of the NAB AFL Academy in 2019/20.
Stephanie Williams
Darwin Buffalos, NT and Geelong Falcons: NAB League
Height- 162cm     
Date of Birth-27/01/02
Powerful lead up forward who impressed for Central Allies in the 2019 NAB AFLW Under 18s championships averaging 9 possessions 7 of which were contested. From the Tiwi Islands originally, has speed, agility and goal sense to really impact games. Now at Geelong College and nominated for the Victorian Draft pool. Member of NAB AFLW Academy in 2019/20.
Daisy Walker
Sandringham Dragons, NAB League
Height- 168cm    
Date of Birth- 04/06/02
Defender/midfielder who wins contested ball and is an aggressive tackler. Very athletic type who is strong over the ball and uses her speed to advantage. Started 2020 impressively averaging 15.7 disposals (8.3 contested possessions) with a disposal efficiency of 64%. Brother Will is with the Kangaroos and she appears to have a lot of upside and likely to thrive in an AFLW environment.
Ashley Woodland
North Adelaide, SANFLW / South Australia
Height- 179cm      
Date of Birth -09/09/98
Extremely versatile former AFLW Melbourne defender who played 4 games with the Demons before returning to North Adelaide. Had excellent year in SANFLW after being switched to midfield and forward roles and has really matured as a player and looks capable of having an impact if given another opportunity.
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