Best and fairest wrap-up: Who won your club's awards?

WHAT better way to wrap-up the last of the 14 AFLW club best and fairests than a four-way tie?

That's what happened with St Kilda's inaugural club champion award, with Georgia Patrikios, Caitlin Greiser, Olivia Vesely and Rosie Dillon sharing the top prize.

Check out all the winners below.


67 votes: Anne Hatchard
59 votes: Ebony Marinoff
52 votes: Justine Mules
38 votes: Dayna Cox
37 votes: Sarah Allan
37 votes: Courtney Gum

Voting system
Four coaches rate every player after each game from 0-4 votes.

Players' player: Anne Hatchard

Watch: Gun Crow breaks 'disposal per minute' record

04:22 Feb 10. 2020. 3:26 PM

Adelaide star Anne Hatchard sets an AFLW record with 35 disposals in quick time


94 votes: Emily Bates
91 votes: Kate Lutkins
88 votes: Cathy Svarc
80 votes: Sophie Conway
80 votes: Ally Anderson

Voting system
The senior coach and assistant coaches allocate votes based on the player’s overall performance, influence on the game, team contribution/role and compliance with team values and the core areas of the gameplan. There is no restriction on the number of players who can receive votes. Each line coach will grade and allocate a maximum of five votes to a player in each of the three areas of the impact, role and coachability. The maximum votes a player can receive in a match is 20.

Best first year: Cathy Svarc
All for one: Sharni Webb
Most relentless: Sophie Conway
Most competitive: Natalie Grider
Players' player: Kate Lutkins   

AFLW: Bates quickly out of the gates

Mar 4. 2017. 7:34 PM

Lion Emily Bates steams into attack to kick the opening goal of the game


74 votes: Madison Prespakis
56 votes: Chloe Dalton
43 votes: Georgia Gee
41 votes: Grace Egan
39 votes: Lucy McEvoy 

Voting system
Senior coach Daniel Harford and his assistants award votes for each player after every game. Players get one vote for a standard game, two votes for a good game, three votes if they are one of the team’s best players and four votes for best-on-ground performances.

Fan award: Madison Prespakis
Rising star: Georgia Gee
Best first-year player: Grace Egan
Blue Bloods award: Jess Edwards

Prespakis' shot on goal controversially ruled behind

00:25 Mar 22. 2020. 2:36 PM

A Maddy Prespakis snap on goal is ruled a touched behind, despite appearing to be a goal on replay


91 votes: Jaimee Lambert
63 votes: Brittany Bonnici
45 votes: Brianna Davey
38 votes: Sharni Layton
22 votes: Stacey Livingstone

Voting system
All four coaches gave five players votes, in a 5-1 order, after each match (including the finals series). The maximum votes a player can receive per match is 20.

Player’s player award: Sharni Layton
Best finals player: Brittany Bonnici
Best first year player: Alana Porter and Aishling Sheridan 

Give-and-get Pie goals with lucky bounce

00:33 Feb 2. 2019. 8:12 PM

Jaimee Lambert recovers from an earlier injury to score in brilliant style


129 votes: Kiara Bowers
95 votes: Ebony Antonio
94 votes: Hayley Miller
91 votes: Gemma Houghton
90 votes: Ange Stannett

Voting system
Senior coach Trent Cooper and assistant coaches Craig Thomas, Amy Lavell, Lisa Webb and Garrick Ibbotson awarded votes from zero to five per game for each player, with a player able to receive a maximum of 25 votes for an outstanding performance.  

Players' award: Kiara Bowers
Best clubwoman: Kara Antonio
Best first-year player: Mim Strom

AFLW: Bowers: 'Loyalty is huge'

02:31 Feb 4. 2019. 6:00 PM

Fremantle's Kiara Bowers on the pain of recovery and the joy of her first game


134 votes: Olivia Purcell
128 votes: Maddy McMahon
119 votes: Nina Morrison
118 votes: Phoebe McWilliams
116 votes: Aasta O'Connor

Voting system
AFLW head coach rates each player out of 15 points and assistant coaches provide a combined rating for each player worth 15 points, making 30 points the most possible in any round.

The Hoops award: Maddy Keryk
Community champion award: Renee Garing

Purcell pinches a pair

00:33 Feb 16. 2020. 1:40 PM

Cats midfield star Olivia Purcell has bagged an early double as Geelong pushes further in front


187 votes: Jamie Stanton
180 votes: Lauren Ahrens and Jade Pregelj

Voting system
The Club Champion Award was voted on by the AFLW coaching panel, with the Head Coach and three Assistant Coaches assigning players a score from one to 10 based on their efforts during each particular game.

Coach's award: Hannah Dunn
Players' player: Jamie Stanton
Most professional: Tiarna Ernst
Player of the finals: Jacqui Yorston
Members' AFLW player of the year: Kalinda Howarth

Sublime Stanton outsmarts Cats

00:39 Mar 6. 2020. 8:11 PM

Gold Coast star Jamie Stanton strolls in for her first goal of the night


61 votes: Alyce Parker
55 votes: Elle Bennetts
49 votes: Britt Tully
49 votes: Jessica Dal Pos
39 votes: Rebecca Beeson

Voting system
Alan McConnell and his three assistants can assign up to 4 votes to each player each round. So each player can earn a maximum of 16 votes per game.

Rising Star: Lisa Steane 
Community Award: Nicola Barr 
Members’ Choice: Alyce Parker 
Coaches Award: Cora Staunton 

Parker to Privitelli, the go-to forward

00:52 Feb 23. 2020. 2:32 PM

Alyce Parker launches from long range to Rebecca Privitelli for strong chest mark and goal finish


46 votes: Shelley Scott
44 votes: Karen Paxman
43 votes: Kate Hore
39 votes: Daisy Pearce
35 votes: Tyla Hanks
35 votes: Libby Birch

Voting system
Each player received a 0-10 vote from the coaching staff after every game of the season.

Trademark player: Libby Birch

AFLW: Scott makes Crows pay

Mar 11. 2017. 8:33 PM

Melbourne's Shelley Scott slots the goal after a costly Adelaide turnover


112 votes: Jasmine Garner
111 votes: Emma Kearney
107 votes: Ash Riddell
101 votes: Jenna Bruton 
83 votes: Aileen Gilroy 

Voting system
The voting system is comprised of the senior coach Scott Gowans voting 0-10 for each player in each round, while the assistant coaches collectively vote 0-10 for each player in each round. The maximum score a player can earn in one round is 20 votes.

Next level performer award: Jasmine Garner
Best clubwoman award: Emma Kearney
Best young player award: Daisy Bateman
Shinboner of the year: Emma Kearney

Garner caps off stellar night

00:35 Mar 13. 2020. 10:03 PM

Jasmine Garner puts the icing on an emphatic Kangaroos win with her third major


25 votes: Monique Conti
22 votes: Phoebe Monahan
18 votes: Gabby Seymour
16 votes: Christina Bernardi
16 votes: Grace Campbell
16 votes: Kodi Jacques

Voting system
The best and fairest player was determined after votes were cast from 1-5 after each of the six rounds by each of the six-member Match Committee, led by AFLW coach, Tom Hunter.

Best first year player: Kodi Jacques

Conti's run sets up a Bernardi goal

00:28 Mar 7. 2020. 5:35 PM

Monique Conti dashing run sets up easy goal for Christina Bernardi


37 votes: Rosie Dillon
37 votes: Caitlin Greiser
37 votes: Georgia Patrikios
37 votes: Olivia Vesely
28 votes: Nat Exon

Voting system

Players' player award: Rhi Watt
Coaches' award: Clara Fitzpatrick


26 votes: Dana Hooker
25 votes: Emma Swanson
23 votes: Ashlee Atkins
23 votes: Parris Laurie
22 votes: Imahra Cameron

Voting system
The coaching panel scored players 1-7 following each match. The players’ season total was the sum of their best five performances. The panel elected to dismiss the players’ lowest score to ensure those who missed a game were still in the running to claim a major award.

Best first year player: Imahra Cameron
Best club person: Alicia Janz

History happens as Hooker hurriedly hooks one home

00:39 Feb 9. 2020. 1:25 PM

West Coast has its first ever goal in the AFLW thanks to star recruit Dana Hooker


44 votes: Isabel Huntington
41 votes: Ellie Blackburn
30 votes Kirsten McLeod
27 votes: Aisling McCarthy
24 votes: Elizabeth Georgostathis

Voting system
Four coaches (including Nathan Burke) can give every player between 0-3 votes in each match. The maximum votes a player can achieve in a single game is 12.

Best first year player: Gabby Newton
Coaches award: Bonnie Toogood
Most improved: Kirsten McLeod
Players' player: Bailey Hunt and Isabel Huntington
Community award: Lauren Spark
Trainers award: Kirsty Lamb

Isabel Huntington: A Rising Star is born ... again

03:23 Apr 28. 2020. 8:16 PM

Isabel Huntington has been awarded the 2020 NAB AFL Women's Rising Star