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AFLW Pride Round Celebrations

'Be who you are. This is safe': AFLW's sense of Pride

02:01 Jan 19. 2022. 5:42 PM

Adelaide's Chelsea Randall and a host of players celebrate the AFLW's inclusivity ahead of Pride Round

The AFL is proud to support AFLW season seven’s Pride Round, held from October 14 – 16, in celebration of diversity and inclusivity within the game and community.

The AFL is a proud ally to the LGBTQI+ community, and encourages everyone to be their authentic selves whilst participating, watching, and enjoying our great game. The AFL continues to aim to ‘speak, act and celebrate with Pride’, and to help educate and learn how each of these areas can support the LGBTQI+ community.

To SPEAK with pride is to ensure inclusive language is being used, and asking how you can support the LGBTQI+ community in being the best ally.

To ACT with pride is to call out negative language and to educate yourself through amazing online resources from our partner, Pride in Sport.

To CELEBRATE with pride is to support the LGBTQI+ community in these incredible Pride games, wear your best rainbow attire, and attend pride events or celebrations. 

Unfiltered: Four stories of bravery on National Coming Out Day

16:55 Oct 11. 2022. 7:00 AM

Ahead of AFLW Pride Round, four inspiring women share their experiences in the LGBTQIA+ community

So, join us for the NAB AFLW season seven Pride Round as we speak, act, and celebrate with pride and support the LGBTQI+ community.


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