Your club's best 21: Collingwood

THE well documented losses of Brianna Davey and Britt Bonnici for season seven has forced some changes at Collingwood.

The Pies are, however, reasonably well equipped to maintain a strong midfield unit thanks to the development of several players. 

B: S.Livingstone  S.Casey 
HB: L.Butler  E.Fowler  J.Allen 
C: S.Chiocci  R.Schleicher  S.Rowe 
HF: C.Molloy  O.Barber  E.James 
F: J.Membrey  S.Frederick 
Foll: A.Downie  J.Lambert  M.Cann 
I/C: A.Sheridan  L.Brazzale  J.Lin  A.Porter  T.Brown   

Emerg: I.Evans  S.Sansonetti 

Collingwood's Sophie Alexander and Sabrina Frederick celebrate a goal against Geelong in R3, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

Changes from last season 

Jordan Membrey is an underrated addition to Collingwood's forward line this season as she returns after an ACL injury incurred last year. Membrey has kicked 11 straight goals in her 18 games and is a handy target in attack. Also added to the attacking line is former Cat Olivia Barber who will ideally present as a strong marking target while also supporting Alison Downie in the ruck. 

Another player set to return from injury is Joanna Lin who will hopefully assist in the side's transition from midfield to attack – something the Pies missed after Brianna Davey went down with injury – as will Lauren Brazzale

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A number of options are available to help Jaimee Lambert and Mikala Cann in the midfield. Ruby Schleicher looks primed for a move on the ball, Alana Porter has the capacity to leave the backline and run through the middle periodically, and after an interrupted season Tarni Brown looks likely to take on more responsibility. 

Jordan Membrey (left) celebrates a goal with Steph Chiocci during a semi-final against North Melbourne on March 21, 2020. Picture: AFL Photos

In the mix 

Ash Brazill will likely be a walk-up start to the side once available, on the way back from Birmingham where she was part of the Diamonds, Australia's national netball team.

Should Schleicher be needed for extended periods on the ball, and until Brazill is available, Sarah Sansonetti will be the clear replacement in defence.  

Two further options through the midfield are tall utility Charlotte Taylor and strong contested player Imogen Evans

Up forward coach Steve Symonds has a myriad of combinations available to him with Imogen Barnett, Charlotte Blair, Eloise Chaston, Abbey Moloney and Emily Smith all able to hit the scoreboard. 

Ash Brazill celebrating with supporters following a NAB AFLW finals clash with North Melbourne at Victoria Park on April 3, 2021. Picture: AFL Photos