Your club's best 21: North Melbourne

NORTH Melbourne saw more turnover than most may have expected, with the forward line hit the hardest. Some positional changes and reliance on new players will likely be how the Kangaroos make their way through season seven.

B:  D.Hardiman  B.Brown
HB:  N.Bresnehan  J.Ferguson  E.Kearney
C:  J.Bruton  E.Gavalas  I.Eddey
HF:  V.Wall  T.Randall  J.Garner
F:  E.King  S. Abbatangelo
Foll: K.Rennie  A.Riddell  M.King
I/C:  S.Wright  E.O'Shea  T.Craven  A.O'Loughlin  A.Smith

Emerg:  T.Gatt  S.McCarthy

Ellie Gavalas (left) and Erika O'Shea in action at a North Melbourne community camp in Tasmania in July, 2022. Picture: NMFC

Changes from last season

Given the significant number of midfielders on North Melbourne's list, some will likely be pushed to other lines to provide support. This includes star Jasmine Garner who is exceptional around the ball, but whose presence will be needed in attack due to the loss of both Daria Bannister and Daisy Bateman.

Emma King, Tahlia Randall, and Sophie Abbatangelo will continue to be the main targets inside 50, while the athletic Vikki Wall has the makings of a great attacking player.

Wall's fellow Irish recruit Erika O'Shea's run and penetrating kick has the potential to fill the gap created by Aileen Gilroy's departure.

Despite this, the backline will arguably be the most stable line compared to last season, with key posts Danielle Hardiman and Brooke Brown supported by the more rebounding Nicole Bresnehan, Jasmine Ferguson, Emma Kearney and Sarah Wright.

Jasmine Garner in action during the qualifying final between North Melbourne and Fremantle on March 19, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

In the mix

Recently drafted duo Charlie Granville and Sophia McCarthy will put pressure on the likes of Abbatangelo for a place in the forward line as coach Darren Crocker looks for players who can reliably present and impact the scoreboard. As rookie Zoe Savarirayan gains more game experience, she will start to press for a spot in attack.

Taylah Gatt's run and carry out on the wing may see her win a place in the side should she help solve the Kangaroos' transition between midfield and attack, while Grace Matser will develop underneath Kim Rennie and King as ruck depth.

Perri King and Ella Maurer are midfielders who are largely victims of the club's glut of midfield options, but like Gatt, should any prove to be reliable in connecting the midfield and forward line they will be one step ahead.

Meanwhile Cassidy Mailer is the ultimate utility, who can fill any necessary gap when needed, but has excelled recently in defence so is likely to be aiming for one of those spots should they open up.

Cassidy Mailer in action for Vic Country during the NAB AFLW U18 National Championships match against Vic Metro at Mars Stadium on March 20, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos