Your club's B&F: North ball magnet wins maiden B&F

ASH RIDDELL has won her first North Melbourne best and fairest award.

The ball magnet had an outstanding 2022 season, named All Australian and finishing third in the AFLW best and fairest count behind Emily Bates and Anne Hatchard.

Riddell finished 11 votes ahead of dynamic mid-forward Jasmine Garner, with skipper Emma Kearney's strong season off half-back recognised with a third-place finish.

Midfielders Jenna Bruton and young gun Mia King rounded out the top five.


351 votes: Anne Hatchard 
342 votes: Ebony Marinoff 
314 votes: Sarah Allan 
277 votes: Erin Phillips 
260 votes: Chelsea Biddell 
256 votes: Eloise Jones 
242 votes: Rachelle Martin 
238 votes: Ashleigh Woodland 
213 votes: Marijana Rajcic 
208 votes: Teah Charlton 

Leading Goalkicker Award: Ashleigh Woodland 
Players' Player: Anne Hatchard and Sarah Allan 
Best Defensive Player: Sarah Allan  


179 votes: Emily Bates
149 votes: Greta Bodey
144 votes: Ally Anderson
143 votes: Tahlia Hickie
142 votes: Nat Grider
141 votes: Cathy Svarc
140 votes: Isabel Dawes
140 votes: Orla O’Dwyer
130 votes: Sophie Conway
130 votes: Jesse Wardlaw 

Fan MVP: Orla O’Dwyer 
Best First Year Player: Lucinda Pullar
All For One (club values): Nat Grider
Most Relentless: Taylor Smith
Most Competitive: Isabel Dawes
Trademark Player: Cathy Svarc
Best Finals Player: Emily Bates


60 votes: Maddy Prespakis
57 votes: Kerryn Harrington
54 votes: Mimi Hill
49 votes: Breann Moody, Paige Trudgeon
46 votes: Gab Pound

Most Valuable Bluebagger (player vote): Kerryn Harrington
Coaches Award: Daisy Walker
Rookie of the Year: Paige Trudgeon


130 votes: Jaimee Lambert 
106 votes: Ruby Schleicher 
88 votes: Mikala Cann 
69 votes: Brittany Bonnici 
60 votes: Lauren Butler 

Player’s Player: Lauren Butler 
Best First Year Player: Eliza James 
Side by Side Award: Jen Plumb (Team Manager/Property Assistant 


191 votes: Hayley Miller
154 votes: Ebony Antonio
148 votes: Ange Stannett
143 votes: Sarah Verrier
141 votes: Gabby O'Sullivan
134 votes: Kiara Bowers
131 votes: Emma O'Driscoll
129 votes: Steph Cain
127 votes: Aine Tighe
124 votes: Jess Low

Voting system
The senior coach and four assistants each cast 5-4-3-2-1 votes after every game, with 25 votes the most on offer per match.

Players' Award: Ange Stannett
Best Clubwoman: Ange Stannett
Player of the Finals: Hayley Miller
Best First-Year Player: Jess Low


116 votes: Amy McDonald
103 votes: Becky Webster
102 votes: Maddy McMahon
56 votes: Nina Morrison
40 votes: Chloe Scheer
37 votes: Georgie Prespakis
23 votes: Chantel Emonson
22 votes: Meg McDonald
17 votes: Kate Darby
14 votes: Darcy Moloney

AFLW Fan MVP Award: Amy McDonald
The Hoops Award (club values): Kate Darby
Carter Family Community Champion Award: Georgie Rankin


237 votes: Ali Drennan
236 votes: Charlie Rowbottom
218 votes: Jamie Stanton
201 votes: Daisy D'Arcy
197 votes: Tara Bohanna
195 votes: Claudia Whitfort
193 votes: Kate Surman
190 votes: Lauren Ahrens
178 votes: Sarah Perkins
175 votes: Lauren Bella

Voting system
Senior and assistant coaches assign players a score from 1-10 based on their efforts throughout the match, with a maximum of 40.

Players' Player: Daisy D'Arcy
Most Professional: Tara Bohanna
Coach's Award: Claudia Whitfort


66 votes: Alyce Parker
64 votes: Alicia Eva
63 votes: Cora Staunton
62 votes: Nicola Barr
43 votes: Tanya Hetherington
39 votes: Haneen Zreika
35 votes: Pepa Randall
30 votes: Annalyse Lister
28 votes: Brid Stack, Ally Dallaway

Voting system
The senior and assistant coaches award votes on a scale of one to four to players where they see fit, with 16 being the maximum votes per round.

Rising Star Award: Emily Pease
Giants Community Award: Nicola Barr
Members Choice Award: Alyce Parker
Mark of the Year: Katherine Smith, round five v St Kilda
Goal of the Year: Cora Staunton, round 10 v Geelong
Leading Goalkicker: Cora Staunton (18)
Jacinda Barclay Fearless Award: Cora Staunton
Coaches Award: Haneen Zreika


50 votes: Daisy Pearce 
49 votes: Lauren Pearce 
48 votes: Tyla Hanks 
48 votes:  Tayla Harris 
47 votes: Libby Birch 
47 votes: Karen Paxman 
47 votes: Lily Mithen 
44 votes: Alyssa Bannan 
43 votes: Sinead Goldrick  
42 votes: Eliza West  

Voting system 
Each player receives a vote from 0-7 after each game, decided by the coaching staff as a collective 

Trademark Player: Shelley Heath 


158 votes: Ash Riddell
147 votes: Jasmine Garner
132 votes: Emma Kearney
124 votes: Jenna Bruton
116 votes: Mia King
105 votes: Emma King
103 votes: Aileen Gilroy
101 votes: Brooke Brown
97 votes: Ellie Gavalas
88 votes: Bella Eddey, Kim Rennie

Voting system
After every match, the senior coach gives each player a vote out of 10, with the assistant coaches providing a combined vote out of 10, with 20 the highest possible tally per round.

Best Young Player Award: Bella Eddey
Shinboner of the Year Award (club values): Emma Kearney
Mazda Next Level Performer Award (member vote): Ash Riddell
Best Clubwoman Award: Nicole Bresnehan



23 votes: Monique Conti
17 votes: Bec Miller
16 votes: Gabby Seymour
15 votes: Katie Brennan
11 votes: Tessa Lavey, Sarah Hosking, Jess Hosking
8 votes: Maddy Brancatisano, Kate Dempsey
7 votes: Maddie Shevlin, Ellie McKenzie, Sarah D'Arcy, Beth Lynch

Voting system

Players' Player Award: Katie Brennan
Leading Goalkicker: Katie Brennan
Best First-Year Player: Emelia Yassir


62 votes: Bianca Jakobsson
61 votes: Tilly Lucas-Rodd
47 votes: Hannah Priest
39 votes: Cat Phillips
24 votes: Molly McDonald
19 votes: Tarni White
18 votes: Nicola Xenos
17 votes: Darcy Guttridge
15 votes: Kate Shierlaw and Caitlin Greiser

Voting system

AFLW Crest Award (club values): Bianca Jakobsson
Best Emerging Player: Nicola Xenos
Sainter of the Year (fan vote): Tilly Lucas-Rodd
AFLW Personal Excellence and Dual Career Award: Jayde Van Dyk


50 votes: Emma Swanson
26 votes: Dana Hooker
17 votes: Parris Laurie
16 votes: Evie Gooch
15 votes: Bella Lewis
14 votes: Aimee Schmidt
13 votes: Ashton Hill
12 votes: Belinda Smith
12 votes: Mikayla Bowen
12 votes: Charlie Thomas

Voting system

Player Trademark Award: Emma Swanson
Best First Year Player: Charlie Thomas
Best Club Person: Andrea Gilmore


102 votes: Ellie Blackburn and Kirsty Lamb
61 votes: Eleanor Brown
57 votes: Bonnie Toogood
45 votes: Elisabeth Georgostathis
37 votes: Katie Lynch
32 votes: Celine Moody
29 votes: Naomi Ferres
26 votes: Jess Fitzgerald
25 votes: Issy Grant

Voting system
The four match committee members individually award as many 3-2-1 votes as they want. The maximum number of votes per game is 12.

Most Improved: Celine Moody
Coaches' Award: Isabelle Pritchard
Best Young Player: Elisabeth Georgostathis
Community Award: Bonnie Toogood
Players' Player: Kirsty Lamb
Trainers' Award: Issy Grant and Kirsty Lamb
Leading Goalkicker: Bonnie Toogood

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