AFLCA votes, R8: Perfect 10 sends Lion to the top, first voteless week for Freo star

The AFL Coaches Association AFLW Champion Player of the Year is an award voted by the AFLW senior coaches on a 5,4,3,2,1 basis after each home and away game, acknowledging outstanding effort to an individual player in a season.

Greater Western Sydney v St Kilda

8 Alyce Parker (GWS)
7 Cora Staunton (GWS)
4 Catherine Phillips (STK)
4 Bianca Jakobsson (STK)
3 Nicola Xenos (STK)
2 Tarni White (STK)
1 Alicia Eva (GWS)
1 Nicola Barr (GWS)

Fremantle v Adelaide

10 Ebony Marinoff (ADEL)
8 Anne Hatchard (ADEL)
6 Danielle Ponter (ADEL)
2 Sarah Verrier (FRE)
2 Rachelle Martin (ADEL)
1 Stephanie Cain (FRE)
1 Laura Pugh (FRE)

Richmond v Geelong

10 Amy McDonald (GEEL)
8 Rebecca Webster (GEEL)
5 Maddy McMahon (GEEL)
4 Phoebe McWilliams (GEEL)
3 Monique Conti (RICH)

Melbourne v North Melbourne

9 Karen Paxman (MELB)
9 Ashleigh Riddell (NMFC)
5 Lily Mithen (MELB)
5 Jasmine Garner (NMFC)
2 Shelley Heath (MELB)

St Kilda v Gold Coast

10 Tilly Lucas-Rodd (STK)
8 Catherine Phillips (STK)
6 Tara Bohanna (GCFC)
2 Claudia Whitfort (GCFC)
2 Nat Exon (STK)
1 Vivien Saad (GCFC)
1 Bianca Jakobsson (STK)

Collingwood v Western Bulldogs

9 Jaimee Lambert (COLL)
9 Ruby Schleicher (COLL)
6 Mikala Cann (COLL)
4 Ellie Blackburn (WB)
2 Kirsty Lamb (WB)

West Coast v Brisbane

10 Emily Bates (BL)
7 Ally Anderson (BL)
6 Sophie Conway (BL)
3 Jesse Tawhiao-Wardlaw (BL)
3 Catherine Svarc (BL)
1 Natalie Grider (BL)

Greater Western Sydney v Carlton

10 Gabriella Pound (CARL)
8 Madison Prespakis (CARL)
4 Nicola Barr (GWS)
3 Mimi Hill (CARL)
3 Darcy Vescio (CARL)
1 Kerryn Harrington (CARL)
1 Abbie McKay (CARL)


59    Emily Bates    BL
58    Ashleigh Riddell    NMFC
52    Anne Hatchard    ADEL
49    Hayley Miller    FRE
47    Kirsty Lamb    WB
44    Ebony Marinoff    ADEL
43    Monique Conti    RICH
41    Jaimee Lambert    COLL
38    Ellie Blackburn    WB
35    Jasmine Garner    NMFC
35    Emma Swanson    WCE
33    Amy McDonald    GEEL
33    Orla O'Dwyer    BL
31    Kiara Bowers    FRE
30    Alyce Parker    GWS
28    Eloise Jones    ADEL
27    Tyla Hanks    MELB
25    Brittany Bonnici    COLL
24    Alicia Eva    GWS

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