SATURDAY TEAMS: Saints drop cult hero, Rox star returns

ST KILDA leading goalkicker Caitlin Greiser has been omitted for the side's round three match against Melbourne, while a number of other sides made some big calls at the selection table.

Greiser is yet to kick a goal this season, and has gathered just a handful of disposals across the first two rounds. The Saints will debut No.12 draft selection Ashleigh Richards as they welcome back Rhiannon Watt, Isabella Shannon and Tahlia Meyer. Alana Woodward and Renee Saulitis have been omitted alongside Greiser, while Nat Exon will miss through injury after just one game back.

The Demons regain the experience of Shelley Scott, Sarah Lampard, Casey Sherriff and Shelley Heath, who all missed through the competition's health and safety protocols last week, while Lily Mithen will sit out through those same protocols.

Lauren Magee, Alison Brown and Krstel Petrevski have all been omitted.

Fremantle star forward Roxy Roux will make her first appearance for 2022 and former captain Kara Antonio will return, as Janelle Cuthbertson misses due to a head knock she copped against the Giants, and the tough Ann McMahon will be managed.

Richmond is another side to regain plenty of experience, with Sarah D'Arcy, Maddy Shevlin and Tayla Stahl all returning from health and safety protocols, and Sophie Molan will play her first game of the year.

Courtney Wakefield will miss with a shoulder injury, and Tessa Lavey's strong start to the year has been paused as she goes into the AFL's health and safety protocols.

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The Crows will be without captain Chelsea Randall after she injured her hamstring last week against North Melbourne, and a head knock will see emerging ruck Caitlin Gould also miss.

Abbie Ballard, selected at No.34 in last year's NAB AFLW Draft, will make her debut and Jasmyn Hewett will also line up for Adelaide for the first time since returning to the club.

After 712 days on the sidelines thanks to an ACL injury on debut, West Coast defender Ashton Hill returns and the Eagles have also named debutant Sarah Lakay.

Captain Emma Swanson will miss due to suspension, and the experienced Ashlee Atkins is out of the side due to health and safety protocols.

Saturday, January 22

West Coast v Adelaide at the Swinburne Centre, 12.40pm AEDT


B: A.Hill 16 E.Gooch 31  
HB: A.Gilmore 22 A.Ward 33 A.McCarthy 11
C: M.Collier 8 K.Gibson 2 M.Bowen 1
HF: S.McDonald 35 A.Schmidt 7 N.Kelly 12
F: S.Lakay 23 M.Caulfield 10
Foll: P.Laurie 25 H.Bullas 24 D.Hooker - C 17
I/C: C.Thomas 3 C.Guard 4 I.Lewis 6 G.Kelly 15 B.Smith 14  

Emerg: C.Rowley 5 T.Bresland 20  

In: A.Hill, S.McDonald, S.Lakay, H.Bullas
Out: T.Bresland (Omitted), L.Gauci (Omitted), E.Swanson (Suspension), A.Atkins (HS Protocol)


B: N.Gore 7 M.Rajcic 32  
HB: A.Considine 16 S.Allan - C 39 N.Allen 8
C: S.Thompson 14 A.Hatchard 33 T.Charlton 25
HF: R.Martin 5 D.Ponter 15 E.Jones 2
F: A.Woodland 24 A.Ballard 27
Foll: M.McKinnon 21 E.Phillips 13 E.Marinoff 10
I/C: J.Simmons 11 C.Biddell 12 J.Mules 23 H.Button 6 J.Hewett 19  

Emerg: L.Whiteley 22 Z.Prowse 4  

In: A.Considine, A.Ballard, J.Hewett
Out: C.Randall (Hamstring), C.Gould (Concussion), H.Munyard (HS Protocol)

Melbourne v St Kilda at Casey Fields, 3.10pm AEDT


B: L.Birch 9 G.Colvin 32  
HB: S.Heath 30 S.Lampard 8 S.Goldrick 23
C: E.McNamara 22 T.Hanks 5 C.Sherriff 18
HF: T.Harris 7 K.Hore 10 J.Parry 19
F: D.Pearce - C 6 M.Fitzsimon 24
Foll: L.Pearce 15 E.Zanker 29 K.Paxman 4
I/C: B.Tarrant 20 M.Caris 21 E.West 11 A.Bannan 16 S.Scott 12  

Emerg: L.Magee 26 A.Brown 28  

In: S.Heath, S.Lampard, C.Sherriff, S.Scott
Out: L.Magee (Omitted), A.Brown (Omitted), K.Petrevski (Omitted), L.Mithen (HS Protocol)


B: T.Lucas-Rodd 18 R.Ott 20  
HB: B.Jakobsson 8 J.Van Dyk 36 H.Priest - C 14
C: M.McDonald 1 T.White 29 C.Phillips 35
HF: D.Guttridge 5 K.Shierlaw 12 R.Dillon 25
F: A.Richards 22 J.Vogt 10
Foll: L.Cutting 26 N.Xenos 27 T.Meyer 34
I/C: L.Burke 30 O.Vesely 23 A.Burke 3 R.Watt 7 I.Shannon 11  

Emerg: R.Saulitis 13 E.Friend 16  

In: A.Richards, T.Meyer, R.Watt, I.Shannon
Out: A.Woodward (Omitted), C.Greiser (Omitted), R.Saulitis (Omitted), N.Exon (Injured)

Richmond v Fremantle at the Swinburne Centre, 5.10pm AEDT


B: R.Miller 15 H.Cordner 23  
HB: S.D'Arcy 12 J.Hosking 11 M.Shevlin 35
C: H.Burchell 9 S.Hosking 7 K.Dempsey 19
HF: S.Reid 25 E.Yassir 27 T.Stahl 24
F: K.Brennan - C 3 C.Bernardi 6
Foll: G.Seymour 28 M.Brancatisano 5 M.Conti 4
I/C: L.McClelland 16 B.Lynch 32 M.Kiely 31 S.Molan 1 K.Jacques 10  

Emerg: S.Dargan 17 M.Macdonald 38  

In: S.D'Arcy, M.Shevlin, E.Yassir, T.Stahl, S.Molan
Out: M.Macdonald (Omitted), S.Sansonetti (Omitted), S.Dargan (Omitted), C.Wakefield (Shoulder), T.Lavey (HS Protocol)


B: M.Sergeant 23 A.Stannett 4  
HB: L.Pugh 32 E.O'Driscoll 3 J.Low 30
C: E.Antonio 12 G.O'Sullivan 9 S.Cain 20
HF: A.Runnalls 22 K.Bowers 2 K.Antonio 15
F: G.Houghton 27 M.Tuhakaraina 13
Foll: M.Strom 21 H.Miller - C 19 D.East 8
I/C: R.Roux 17 T.Toth 33 M.Hyde 28 S.Verrier 5 A.Tighe 10  

Emerg: A.McMahon 25 J.Stewart 7  

In: K.Antonio, R.Roux
Out: J.Cuthbertson (Concussion), A.McMahon (Managed)

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