FRIDAY TEAMS: Five changes apiece with BIG outs for Dees, Tigers

RICHMOND and Melbourne have each made five changes to their winning round one teams, with all of the Demons' changes due to the AFL's heath and safety protocols. 

Valued Richmond recruit Poppy Kelly will miss due to a knee injury sustained in last week's win over St Kilda, and debutant Emelia Yassir - who received a head knock late in the same game - will also miss. 

Intercepting defender Sarah D'Arcy headlined three outs due to health and safety protocols, alongside Maddie Shevlin and dangerous forward Tayla Stahl. 

Meg Macdonald has been named to make her debut, after recently being elevated to the main list with Ilish Ross ruled inactive for the season. 

Richmond's Emelia Yassir runs to the bench after a collision during round one, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

Melbourne will lose the experience of Maddi Gay, Shelley Scott, Sarah Lampard, Casey Sherriff and Shelley Heath who all played key roles last week against the Bulldogs. 

They will gain both Irish recruits in Sinead Goldrick and Lauren Magee, alongside Gabrielle Colvin and Eliza McNamara, who were all unavailable for selection last week due to health and safety protocols, while also naming crafty small forward Krstel Petrevski who was an emergency last week.  

Both sides have dipped into train on players to name emergencies due to limited player availability. 

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Friday, January 14

Richmond v Melbourne at the Swinburne Centre, 7.10pm AEDT


B: R.Miller 15 H.Cordner 23 
HB: L.McClelland 16 J.Hosking 11 B.Lynch 32
C: T.Lavey 37 S.Hosking 7 K.Dempsey 19
HF: S.Reid 25 C.Bernardi 6 K.Jacques 10
F: K.Brennan - C 3 C.Wakefield 8
Foll: G.Seymour 28 M.Brancatisano 5 M.Conti 4
I/C: H.Burchell 9 M.Macdonald 38 M.Kiely 31 S.Dargan 17 S.Sansonetti 18 

Emerg: I.Houtsma 36 A.Peterson 33 

In: L.McClelland, K.Jacques, M.Macdonald, S.Dargan, S.Sansonetti
Out: E.Yassir (Concussion), P.Kelly (Knee), S.D'Arcy (HS Protocol), M.Shevlin (HS Protocol), T.Stahl (HS Protocol)


B: B.Tarrant 20 G.Colvin 32 
HB: L.Birch 9 L.Magee 26 S.Goldrick 23
C: E.McNamara 22 T.Hanks 5 A.Bannan 16
HF: L.Mithen 14 K.Hore 10 J.Parry 19
F: T.Harris 7 D.Pearce - C 6
Foll: L.Pearce 15 E.Zanker 29 K.Paxman 4
I/C: A.Brown 28 M.Caris 21 E.West 11 M.Fitzsimon 24 K.Petrevski 31 

Emerg: G.Campbell 1 J.Zanchetta 33 

In: G.Colvin, L.Magee, S.Goldrick, E.McNamara, K.Petrevski
Out: S.Lampard (HS Protocol), S.Heath (HS Protocol), M.Gay (HS Protocol), C.Sherriff (HS Protocol), S.Scott (HS Protocol)

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