LISTEN: The game we really want to see, the one that raised eyebrows

IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Nat Edwards and Sarah Black unpack the NAB AFLW fixture and join all the dots on footy's big issues.


- Time to 'actually plan' for a summer of football
- The W game that 'has raised a few eyebrows'
- It's almost been the pre-season that's never ended…they're raring to go'
- 'Another curveball thrown' at Melbourne
- The MCG is going to go off

In this episode ...

0:00 – 'All your Christmases have come at once'

1:15 – What round 10 might look like

3:25 – The WA/SA border throws up another challenge

5:52 – The difficulty of finding a season-opener

8:34 – The other sporting events that AFLW will compete with

10:04 – What's next on the AFLW calendar

11:39 – Ron Barrassi's positive COVID test

12:40 – Melbourne's premiership party

14:15 – AFL Fantasy positions revealed