LISTEN: How Adam Treloar changed perceptions of mental health in the AFL


SOCIETY has come a long way in its awareness of mental health, but more work needs to be done, according to Collingwood sports psychologist Jacqui Louder.

Speaking with AFLW premiership coach Bec Goddard on 'The Inside Game' podcast, Louder said understanding of mental health, especially in a sporting context, needs to improve.

Louder worked with Adam Treloar during his time at the Pies, and described the star's reveal of his battles with mental health in as a "huge" moment for sport.


"That look a lot of convincing, for me to allow a camera into the room," Louder said of Adam's admissions in the documentary 'Collingwood: From the Inside Out'.

"Adam was all for it, felt like it was a really important part of his story, but I was really uncomfortable with it because it's such a private space.

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29:07 Nov 29. 2021. 9:43 AM

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"It's something he pushed a number of times, there was a lot of conversation before it happened.

"So because you saw him in the room, it gave it a real reality test to show that this is what happens.

Adam Treloar celebrates after round 22, 2016. Picture: AFL Photos

"Sometimes our win is getting a player on the field. It's not necessarily their form, and [Treloar] maintained amazing form, despite being exhausted after every match because it took so much to get him on the field.

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"It's frustrating from our end to hear media just go hard at somebody and you sit there going 'man, you have no idea how amazing it is just to have him play today.

"I think where we're at with mental health particularly is [more work is needed on] separating [perceptions of] mental health and mental illness – they're different. Everyone has physical health and everyone has mental health."

This week’s episode guide…

1:29 – What is sports psychology

3:55 – How approaches to sports psychology have changed

4:45 – Are psychological issues different in AFL and AFLW

7:37 – How Jacqui helps players with long-term injuries

9:48 – How psychological profiling informs player management

12:36 – Jacqui’s work with Adam Treloar

15:26 – Have some players’ careers been cut short by letting stress get to them?

17:23 – Why Jacqui sits on the bench during games

18:44 – Are athletes more mentally resilient now than ever?

19:59 – How AFLW and AFL athletes are different

23:37 - Takeaway Tips, fuelled by the John West Protein+ range

26:23 - Quick Hands: Jacqui’s nickname, biggest AFLW pest

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