10 questions with … Eagle Bella Lewis

Who is your all-time favourite footballer or athlete?

Athlete, probably Serena Williams, just in terms of her mindset and the confidence and resilience she brings to her matches. I think it's super admirable. For footy, I'd probably say Ellie Blackburn. I really admire the way she wins the ball on the inside and runs it out on the outside, super damaging when delivering inside 50 or going for goal. Very inspiring for me. 

Who is the worst teammate on social media?

Emma Swanson, not because of her posts, but her silly comments she leaves on every photo, it'll be something stupid that she thinks is funny but isn't. Parris Laurie as well – her username is French Truck, and her bio is a joke she finds really funny but no one else gets as well. She says because she's a big girl, she's like a truck and hard to get moving. 

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I either wanted to make music or be a detective, which is quite amusing to me now because they're completely different. I play guitar and piano, so I'm really fascinated by putting music together.

Who is your toughest opponent?

In my debut game, one of the first people I lined up against at a centre bounce was Erin Phillips. I thought I'd try and be confident, but she absolutely threw me to the ground without barely moving, so it's hard to go past her.

Adelaide superstar Erin Phillips. Picture: AFL Photos

Which Olympic sport would you love to compete in?

Either tennis or snowboarding. I think being able to do the flips and tricks on the half-pipe, that'd be super cool. I was going to say trampolining (Lewis competed at a national level), but thought I'd branch out.

Which teammate is most likely to go on and coach?

Hayley Bullas. She's got a big care factor about her, and she's just started her own coaching business for young girls, it’s really amazing to see her do something she's ambitious about.

Bullas back-heels a beauty

00:39 Feb 29. 2020. 8:29 PM

A remarkable back-heel effort from Hayley Bullas has ended in a goal for West Coast

Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions?

I wouldn't say superstitions, but I always need to go for a walk on the beach at home. If we're away, it's down to a coffee shop. If we're playing at home, I also always watch the same Chris Judd highlights in our meditation room, just because for some reason it relaxes me and gets me into the zone. It's the same video every time, it has to be consistent.

What was the first concert you attended?

Nicki Minaj. I was definitely way too young to understand her music, but she had really cool stage props, which I was super amused by. The lyrics just went straight over my head.

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What is the non-football accomplishment of which you're most proud?

It's not a huge one, but during our lockdown last year, I made the base of my bed out of wooden pallets. I sanded it, spray-painted it, completely winging it. I had no idea what I was doing, but it was a little thing to keep me going. I looked at YouTube, but they were talking about things I didn't understand, so I just winged it. It's still standing, and it's pretty good.

Would you prefer to take Mark or Goal of the Year?

Mark of the Year. The experience of taking a speccy or crash the back of a pack would definitely beat Goal of the Year, for sure. I've been told not to be too ambitious (with her marking) because I'm not that tall, but that makes me want to do it more. I want to see if I can pull it out in a game – with the adrenaline, you just never know.