Will there be medical substitutes in 2022? AFL makes the call

THE NAB AFLW competition will not have a medical substitute for the 2022 season.

The medi-sub was introduced for the 2021 AFL men's season, which started as the 2021 AFL women's season was in its final stages.

Womens.afl has confirmed with the AFL the medi-sub won't be brought across to the women's competition due to the different interchange sizes.

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The AFLW competition runs with 16 on the field and five on the bench, while the men have 18 and four, plus the medi-sub.

The AFLW initially started with six on the bench, but that was reduced to five after the first season, with clubs finding it difficult to use all six rotations.

Kirsten McLeod lies injured on the ground in the Western Bulldogs' clash with the Kangaroos in R7, 2021. Picture: AFL Photos

Two new rules have previously been confirmed for the 2022 season, which are already in play in the AFL competition.

The 'stand rule' sees the player on the mark unable to move laterally on their line once set by the umpire – jumping on the spot is permitted, but moving sideways is not, until the umpire calls "play on".

The other new rule will see the player on mark at kick-ins to be brought back from 10m to 15m.

Both have been introduced with the aim of encouraging a more open and attacking style of footy with fewer stoppages and higher scoring, attempting to provide a balance between attack and defence.