LISTEN: How the AFL has been testing its data tracing capability

THE AFL's data and analytics team was swung in a new direction after COVID-19 hit.

Elisa Koch, the head of the team in question, joined Nicole Livingstone in the latest episode of the League Leaders podcast.

"Post-COVID, I found myself using data in a way I never thought I would in my career, which is using it for contract tracing," Koch said.

"So, understanding the importance of getting crowds back safely to all our games, my team have been working with all the state bodies, to ensure if there's an outbreak, we can report back all the contract tracing data in a timely way.

"To this end, the Department of Health Services in Victoria ran outbreak simulations at grounds around the country to test the AFL's data tracing capability.

"The DHS, within the Victorian Government, has been incredible in preparing for any potential outbreak. What they've been doing, in random weeks, they've been dropping surprise random outbreaks – they'll literally send an employee to a game as a, quote, 'fake positive' case and then hit us up on Monday … asking for the relevant data."


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