That's a wrap: Every club's Trade Period ranked from best to worst

THE TRADE portion of the AFLW Sign and Trade Period finished with a flurry, with a few shock late trades.

But how did each club go individually?

As the Continental Tyres AFL Trade Period comes to a close, let's look back at how the AFLW Sign and Trade Period went.

TRADE TRACKER Every deal, indicative draft order

AFLW trade wrap: Shock move, the big winners, Dog in limbo

05:33 Jun 9. 2021. 6:18 PM

Nat Edwards and Sarah Black wrap up the 2021 AFLW Trade Period


Recruits: Tayla Harris (Carlton), Liv Purcell (Geelong)

Out: Tegan Cunningham, Meg Downie, Niamh McEvoy, Shae Sloane (retired), Chantel Emonson (Geelong), Mietta Kendell (delisted)

Current draft picks: 42, 44, 49, 61

Melbourne has made a big statement this Trade Period, bringing in two All Australians while four players have retired. Harris adds an interesting element to a forward line that can be deadly or wayward, while Purcell won't be available for a while as she rehabs an ACL. The Dees have put it all on the line, with their first draft pick not occurring until the end of middle of the third round.

Trade rating: 9/10 

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Recruits: Chloe Dalton (Carlton), Jasmine Grierson (North Melbourne), Katie Loynes (Carlton)

Out: Jess Dal Pos (Carlton), Elle Bennetts (Western Bulldogs), Sarah Halvorsen, Jodie Hicks, Erin Todd, Britt Tully (delisted), Jess Allan (inactive)
Current draft picks: 37, 56

The Giants had one of their best Trade Periods yet, bringing in leadership, stability and some X-factor run. Dal Pos will be a loss, but GWS did very well in attracting three players up to Sydney, albeit Dalton had changing circumstances. Britt Tully remains a chance to re-join the Giants list, wanting some time to assess her options.

Trade rating: 8.5/10 

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Recruits: Evie Gooch (Fremantle), Aimee Schmidt (GWS)

Out: Mhicca Carter, Beatrice Devlyn, Brianna Green, Alicia Janz, Demi Liddle, Julie-Anne Norrish, Kate Orme, Katelyn Pope (delisted)

Current draft picks: 3, 21, 24, 41, 53

The Eagles had to cut deep into their extended list of 33 in order to reduce it to the maximum 27. Gooch and Schmidt are excellent acquisitions for where West Coast is right now – they'll add experience and stability to both ends of the ground. Having two of the first three West Australian draft picks will also help the Eagles.

Trade rating: 7.5/10 

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Recruits: Vivien Saad (North Melbourne), Claudia Whitfort (St Kilda)

Out: Sally Riley, Sam Virgo (retired), Georgia Bevan, Jordann Hickey, Leah Kaslar, Paige Parker, Molly Ritson (delisted)

Current draft picks: 1, 6, 8, 30, 51

The Suns were unable to land a big-name player despite putting picks six and eight on the table. Saad has played ruck for North Melbourne but can also slot in up forward, while Whitfort will add some much-needed midfield depth. The club made a big call in delisting former skipper and key position player Leah Kaslar.

Trade rating: 7.5/10

Recruits: Sabrina Frederick (Richmond)

Out: Maddie Shevlin (Richmond), Sharni Norder (retired), Kristy Stratton (delisted)

Current draft picks: 29, 32, 33, 62

Collingwood did most of its work early, bringing in Frederick to boost the forward line. As fine a player as Shevlin is, the Pies were able to cover her month-long wrist injury this year, and they should be able to cope without her. The Magpies also look set to bring in Alison Downie as a delisted free agent, following the retirement of Norder.

Trade rating: 7/10

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Recruits: Chloe Scheer (Adelaide), Chantel Emonson (Melbourne)

Out: Liv Purcell (Melbourne), Aasta O'Connor (retired), Maddie Boyd, Richelle Cranston, Kate Darby, Nicole Garner, Bec Goring, Mia Skinner (delisted)

Draft picks: 2, 7, 9, 15, 52

After a quiet few Trade Periods, the Cats were very active this year. Losing best and fairest Purcell is a huge loss, but Scheer is a strong acquisition, capable of playing in the midfield or up forward, while Emonson will provide good depth in defence. Geelong also ended up with a very healthy draft hand, in part due to the priority picks given to the club.

Trade rating: 7/10

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Recruits: Jess Hosking (Carlton), Poppy Kelly (St Kilda), Maddie Shevlin (Collingwood)

Out: Sabrina Frederick (Collingwood), Alice Edmonds, Emily Harley, Luka Lesosky-Hay, Akec Makur Chuot, Phoebe Monahan, Cleo Saxon-Jones, Holly Whitford, Alana Woodward (all delisted)

Current draft picks: 5, 16, 55, 57

The Tigers pulled the surprise of the Trade Period, signing Jess Hosking in the dying stages of the 10-day stint. Having delisted Edmonds and traded Frederick, Kelly was needed to shore up the ruck stocks. Nailing those first two draft picks will be the key for Richmond this period. They have committed to re-drafting Makur Chuot.

Trade rating: 7/10 

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Recruits: Nil

Out: Vivien Saad (Gold Coast), Katelyn Cox, Kate Gillespie-Jones, Georgia Hammond, Beth Lynch, Tahni Nestor (delisted)

Current draft picks: 13, 19, 28, 45, 59

A deal to get Kim Rennie through the door fell through, with the Roos also then losing ruck Vivien Saad in the dying stages of the Trade Period. It's left the tall stocks fairly bare, with Emma King and Brooke Brown possible options in the ruck. However, North Melbourne has ended up with a relatively healthy draft hand.

Trade rating: 6.5/10

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Recruits: Nil

Out: Evie Gooch (West Coast), Leah Mascall (retired), Ashley Sharp (inactive, pregnancy), Tarnee Tester, Jess Trend, Alex Williams (delisted)

Current draft picks: 14, 31, 38, 46, 60

On the surface, the Gooch trade looks to be a loss, with a relatively shallow West Australian draft pool on the horizon. But the Dockers defence performed well this year despite the regular only managing three games this season. No additions make for a quiet Trade Period.

Trade rating: 6/10

Recruits: Nil

Out: Lauren Arnell, Jessy Keeffe, Emma Zielke (all retired), Beth Pinchin, Selina Priest, Ruby Svarc, Jordan Zanchetta (delisted)

Current draft picks: 18, 35, 50, 64

Why change a winning formula? The Lions already had a very full list and little move to room or offer to entice players up to Queensland. Unless they've got their eye on a delisted free agent, Brisbane looks set to hit the draft hard, having delisted four players on top of their three retirements.

Trade rating: 5/10

Recruits: Elle Bennetts (GWS)

Out: Amelia Van Oosterwijck (retired)

Current draft picks: 22, 25, 27, 43

The Bulldogs landed the player they wanted in Bennetts, who will be a handy (and tall) addition to the young midfield. She can also play in defence, where her reading of the play comes to the fore. A deal for Kim Rennie to move to North Melbourne fell through, leaving the ruck in limbo for now. The Dogs are yet to announce their delistings and no longer have a first-round selection after a curious series of pick swaps.

Trade rating: 5/10

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Recruits: Nil

Out: Chloe Scheer (Geelong), Renee Forth (delisted), Jess Sedunary (inactive for 2021-22)

Current draft picks: 17, 20, 34, 47, 63

Having exclusive access over the South Australian draft pool meant the Crows were always going to struggle to receive adequate compensation for Scheer, as the order of their draft selections are meaningless. Adelaide held onto Ebony Marinoff after the Saints came calling with a huge offer.

Trade rating: 4/10

Recruits: Nil

Out: Poppy Kelly (Richmond), Claudia Whitfort (Gold Coast), Selena Karlson (retired), Alison Brown, Tamara Luke, Nadia von Bertouch (all delisted)

Current draft picks: 4, 12, 36, 39, 48, 54

A fairly lean Trade Period for the Saints, although Kelly and Whitfort weren't necessarily regulars in the AFLW team. Failing to attract some much-needed X-factor is an issue for the Saints, who put the bait out but were unable to land a big fish.

Trade rating: 4/10

Recruits: Jess Dal Pos (GWS)

Out: Tayla Harris (Melbourne), Jess Hosking (Richmond), Chloe Dalton (GWS), Katie Loynes (GWS), Alison Downie, Jess Edwards, Winnie Laing (delisted)

Current draft picks: 10, 11, 23, 26, 40, 58

Carlton – having already lost Chloe Dalton and Tayla Harris – was blindsided by Jess Hosking's 11th-hour trade request to Richmond. The Blues, who were already a relatively young side, have now been forced to the draft, having only brought in Jess Dal Pos during the Trade Period. Regardless of her performance this year, Harris will be a loss, having always drawn the opposition's No.1 defender. Dalton is also a big blow, but Dal Pos should slot in with ease considering her pre-AFLW connections to some of her teammates.

Trade rating: 3/10

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