Turbo-charged year earns Docker the AFLCA crown

STAR Fremantle midfielder Kiara Bowers has been crowned the AFLCA AFLW Champion Player of the Year, holding off a late charge from Giant Alyce Parker.

Bowers took an eight-vote lead into the final two rounds, sitting on 57 while Parker was back in the pack on 41, seventh overall.

The Docker did not poll against Melbourne and was awarded five votes against North Melbourne, while Parker romped home with a perfect 10 against Geelong and eight from her game against Carlton.

The final standings saw Bowers win with 62 votes, Parker in second on 59 and last year's winner Jasmine Garner finished third on 57 votes.

Collingwood duo Britt Bonnici (55) and Brianna Davey (53) rounded out the top five.

Curiously, despite making a preliminary final, not one Brisbane player finished in the top 15, such is the even spread of contribution from the team.

Second-year Saint Georgia Patrikios, 20, is the youngest player in the top 15, finishing 10th.

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"I'm really proud of Kiara and she is a thoroughly deserving winner of the AFLCA AFLW Champion Player of the Year award," Fremantle coach Trent Cooper said.

"I know all the coaches put a lot of time and thought into who they vote for each week and it was great that opposition coaches recognised the great impact she had on games right across the season.

"From a coach's point of view, she's every coach's dream. Not only is she super talented, but she works extremely hard and sets a great example for her teammates, and then also delivers on whatever the coaches are asking that is best for the team.

"It's a rare person that can combine all of those aspects and we're very lucky to have her at Fremantle."

AFLCA Champion Player of the Year final leaderboard

62 Kiara Bowers FRE
59 Alyce Parker GWS
57 Jasmine Garner NMFC
55 Brittany Bonnici COLL
53 Brianna Davey COLL
49 Anne Hatchard ADEL
48 Ellie Blackburn WB
47 Monique Conti RICH
45 Ebony Marinoff ADEL
44 Georgia Patrikios STK
42 Tyla Hanks MELB
40 Karen Paxman MELB
38 Emma Kearney NMFC
38 Kirsty Lamb WB
36 Erin Phillips ADEL

Gold Coast Suns vs Carlton
10 Darcy Vescio CARL
8 Breann Moody CARL
3 Lauren Ahrens GCFC
3 Georgia Gee CARL
2 Lucy McEvoy CARL
2 Kerryn Harrington CARL
1 Lucy Single GCFC
1 Natalie Plane CARL

Geelong Cats vs GWS Giants
10 Alyce Parker GWS
8 Meghan McDonald GEEL
5 Elle Bennetts GWS
4 Alicia Eva GWS
2 Cora Staunton GWS
1 Maddy McMahon GEEL

Collingwood vs St Kilda
9 Ruby Schleicher COLL
8 Georgia Patrikios STK
6 Brittany Bonnici COLL
4 Jaimee Lambert COLL
3 Brianna Davey COLL

Brisbane Lions vs North Melbourne
9 Isabel Dawes BL
9 Jenna Bruton NMFC
5 Courtney Hodder BL
3 Orla O'Dwyer BL
2 Emma Kearney NMFC
1 Lauren Arnell BL
1 Kate Lutkins BL

Richmond vs West Coast Eagles
9 Ellie McKenzie RICH
8 Monique Conti RICH
7 Mikayla Bowen WCE
3 Katie Brennan RICH
3 Niamh Kelly WCE

Adelaide Crows vs Western Bulldogs
10 Ebony Marinoff ADEL
7 Anne Hatchard ADEL
7 Chloe Scheer ADEL
2 Rhiannon Metcalfe ADEL
2 Brooke Lochland WB
1 Eloise Jones ADEL
1 Ashleigh Woodland ADEL

Fremantle vs Melbourne
9 Lauren Pearce MELB
9 Karen Paxman MELB
4 Eliza McNamara MELB
3 Ebony Antonio FRE
2 Maddison Gay MELB
2 Kate Hore MELB 
1 Hayley Miller FRE

Western Bulldogs vs Richmond
10 Kirsty Lamb WB
8 Brooke Lochland WB
5 Ellie Blackburn WB
4 Katie Brennan RICH
2 Rebecca Miller RICH
1 Eleanor Brown WB

North Melbourne vs Fremantle
10 Ashleigh Riddell NMFC
8 Jasmine Garner NMFC
5 Emma Kearney NMFC
5 Kiara Bowers FRE
1 Grace Campbell NMFC
1 Stephanie Cain FRE

Melbourne vs Brisbane Lions
8 Eden Zanker MELB
7 Shelley Scott MELB
6 Orla O'Dwyer BL
5 Catherine Svarc BL
2 Ally Anderson BL
1 Shelley Heath MELB
1 Natalie Grider BL

Gold Coast Suns vs Geelong Cats
8 Julia Crockett-Grills GEEL
6 Kalinda Howarth GCFC
6 Alison Drennan GCFC
5 Amy McDonald GEEL
4 Laura Gardiner GEEL
1 Richelle Cranston GEEL

Adelaide Crows vs Collingwood
10 Anne Hatchard ADEL
7 Chelsea Randall ADEL
4 Jaimee Lambert COLL
4 Brianna Davey COLL
4 Ebony Marinoff ADEL
1 Erin Phillips ADEL

GWS Giants vs Carlton
8 Alyce Parker GWS
6 Cora Staunton GWS
5 Rebecca Beeson GWS
4 Darcy Vescio CARL
3 Kerryn Harrington CARL
2 Madison Prespakis CARL
2 Tanya Hetherington GWS

West Coast Eagles vs St Kilda
9 Tyanna Smith STK
9 Georgia Patrikios STK
3 Caitlin Greiser STK
3 Kate Shierlaw STK
3 Mikayla Bowen WCE
2 Jayde Van Dyk STK
1 Catherine Phillips STK