Appeal stunner: Marinoff hearing adjourned over fresh evidence

IN AN EXTRAORDINARY turn, star Adelaide midfielder Ebony Marinoff's appeal hearing to overturn her three-match suspension has been adjourned until next Thursday.

Marinoff had been suspended for three games due to front-on contact on Giant Brid Stack, which left the Irish import with a fractured C7 vertebra.

The Crow's counsel, Sam Abbott, wished to present fresh video evidence to the appeals board of a collision between Stack and an advertising hoarding board from earlier in the match.

As the video clip had not been presented during Tuesday night's Tribunal, chairman David Jones adjourned the appeal to give the board and AFL counsel, Nick Pane, time to review the evidence.

Irish Giant goes down after collision with Crow

00:22 Jan 19. 2021. 5:35 PM

GWS recruit Brid Stack is injured in an attempted tackle by Adelaide's Ebony Marinoff

The clip was presented at the appeal, showing Stack getting a quick kick away on the boundary as three Crows approached. It was difficult to tell how many bumped her over the line, and the angle of the shot did not show her hitting the hoarding, obscured by the interchange bench.

Abbott said Marinoff herself had discovered the evidence only after reviewing the match footage following her three-match suspension on Tuesday night, and that it presented a hypothesis that the injury may have occurred earlier.

If this was the case, this would affect the grading of the Stack-Marinoff collision (severe).

Chairman Jones questioned why Adelaide did not find this footage earlier.

Abbott also wished to present a video of a bio-mechanist talking through the Stack-Marinoff collision and GPS data, but audio difficulties (both the Tribunal and the appeal have been conducted via video call) meant the video will also be presented next week.

"I don't think this case can be heard tonight," Jones said.

"I'm not comfortable proceeding with this case at the moment.

"The last thing I want to do is deny the player an opportunity to put together a case.

The Crows appealed the three-match penalty handed out on two grounds: that the penalty was excessive and the decision was unreasonable.

Three matches is the longest penalty in the four-and-a-bit seasons of the AFLW, with no player having previously been banned for more than two.

Stack released her first public statement since the frightening incident overnight, tweeting that she is "counting her blessings" despite her serious neck injury.