Our AFLW State of Origin: Queensland and the Allies

IN 2017 the AFLW hosted a one-off State of Origin game. Victoria against the Allies, made up of the competition's inaugural stars. Victoria took the win, led by Daisy Pearce and coached by Debbie Lee. 

So, in a hypothetical world where AFLW State of Origin games still existed, what does your state's team look like? Today we've had a crack at a Queensland team, as well as an Allies best 21, comprised of players from New South Wales, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory. 

Check back later in the week to see who made the cut for the other states.


B: Kate Lutkins (Bris), Stacey Livingstone (Coll) 
HB: Shannon Campbell (Bris), Nat Grider (Bris), Bre Koenen (Bris) 
C: Sophie Conway (Bris), Tarni White (StK), Daisy D'Arcy (GC) 
HF: Tayla Harris (Melb), Katie Brennan (Rich), Greta Bodey (Bris) 
F: Tahlia Randall (NM), Jesse Wardlaw (Bris) 
Foll: Tahlia Hickie (Bris), Emily Bates (Bris), Ally Anderson (Bris) 
I/C: Belle Dawes (Bris), Kalinda Howarth (GC), Jamie Stanton (GC), Jade Pregelj (GC), Dakota Davidson (Bris) 

Depth: Jacqui Dupuy (GC), Ellie Hampson (GC), Serene Watson (GC), Jordan Membrey (Coll), Lily Postlethwaite (Bris), Dee Heslop (Bris), Lauren Bella (GC), Wallis Randell (GC), Taylor Smith (Bris), Jade Ellenger (Bris), Jacqui Yorston (PA) 

Katie Brennan celebrates a goal during the semi-final between Richmond and North Melbourne on November 12, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

Unsurprisingly, our Queensland team is dominated by Brisbane players. 12 Lions have been added to the side, making up four of the five defensive roles and four of six ruck/midfield roles. This is a testament to the local talent available and Brisbane's willingness to search locally for talent whenever possible. 

Stacey Livingstone, who was born in NSW but grew up in Queensland is the only non-Lion to make it into the back five. 

Through the middle, St Kilda's Tarni White has been added, as one of the most notable Queenslanders to be taken via the Victorian draft pool, while the forward line includes two Lions, and two former Lions – Tayla Harris and Tahlia Randall, both of whom made the move to Victoria after their time at Brisbane. 

Stacey Livingstone in action in Collingwood's round two clash with Sydney at Victoria Park on September 4, 2022. Picture: Getty Images

Richmond captain Katie Brennan was a Logan Cobras star before heading south, so sneaks into that forward line as well. 

FROM 2017 TO NOW Where are your club’s inaugural players?

Daisy D'Arcy is the only Gold Coast player to be named on the field, but trio Kalinda Howarth, Jamie Stanton, and Jade Pregelj each make the first 21. 

Daisy D'Arcy in action during round 10, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

Allies (NSW/TAS/NT) 

B: Eilish Sheerin (Rich, NSW), Brooke Brown (NM, TAS) 
HB: Nicole Bresnehan (NM, TAS), Tarni Evans (GWS, NSW), Stevie-Lee Thompson (Adl, NT) 
C: Nicola Barr (GWS, NSW), Mia King (NM, TAS), Ash Brazill (Coll, NSW)
HF: Georgia Garnett (GWS, NSW), Cynthia Hamilton (Syd, ACT), Jess Doyle (GWS, NSW) 
F: Danielle Ponter (Adl, NT), Daria Bannister (Ess, TAS) 
Foll: Erin McKinnon (StK, NSW), Alyce Parker (GWS, NSW), Cathy Svarc (Bris, NSW) 
I/C: Rebecca Miller (Rich, NSW), Jodie Hicks (GWS, NSW), Ellyse Gamble (Ess, TAS), Maddie Shevlin (Rich, ACT), Sophie Casey (Coll, NSW) 

Depth: Jackie Parry (Geel, ACT), Ally Morphett (Syd, ACT), Maddy Collier (Syd, NSW), Brenna Tarrant (Syd, NSW), Rebecca Beeson (GWS, NSW), Hannah Dunn (PA, NSW), Ally Dallaway (GWS, NSW), Lexi Hamilton (Syd, ACT), Haneen Zreika (GWS, NSW), Emily Pease (GWS, ACT) 

Cathy Svarc celebrates a goal during Brisbane's preliminary final against Adelaide on November 18, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

Combining NSW/ACT, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory into one Allies team means a host of teams are represented. GWS has the most selections with six, but one of nine clubs to have players included. 

Richmond defensive trio Eilish Sheerin, Rebecca Miller and Maddie Shevlin all hail from NSW/ACT so were clear inclusions either on the field or the bench. Meanwhile, given North Melbourne's links to Tasmania, Brooke Brown, Nicole Bresnehan and Mia King have all been added to the side. 

Fellow Tasmanians Daria Bannister and Ellyse Gamble are Essendon's inclusions. 

Daria Bannister in action during round nine, season seven, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

In the early days of AFLW Adelaide had a similar link to the Northern Territory, and in the process recruited talented duo Stevie-Lee Thompson and Danielle Ponter, so the Crows are represented in defence and attack respectively. 

Brisbane midfielder Cathy Svarc grew up in NSW, making her eligible, so too Collingwood defenders Ash Brazill and Sophie Casey

Former Giant, now Saint Erin McKinnon is the ruck selection. Key GWS players Tarni Evans, Nicola Barr, Georgia Garnett, Jess Doyle, Alyce Parker, and Jodie Hicks are all local recruits, while Sydney's sole representative is Cynthia Hamilton who was last season's top NSW draft selection. The Swans do, however, have four players who just missed the cut.