2023 season taking shape, but coaches still waiting on sign and trade specifics

THE AFL met with AFLW coaches on Tuesday night to reflect on season seven and provide some guidance ahead of season eight.

Coaches were told to expect a similar season starting time this year (last season started in late August), and to plan for a 12–14-week pre-season.

Clubs were not provided with an update on the upcoming AFLW Sign and Trade period, which is expected to happen in late February-early March, before the Collective Bargaining Agreement will be completed.

Sixteen of the coaches attended the semi-regular catch-up, with Craig Starcevich (Brisbane, based in Switzerland over the off-season) dialling in. Carlton and Fremantle are currently without senior coaches.

Cam Joyce (left) and Cam Bernasconi chat after round 10, season seven, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

Coaches were presented with football analysis from season seven, a 10-round season which saw all 18 clubs participate for the first time.

Clarification around dangerous tackles and coaching techniques were on the agenda, while there was a general discussion around congestion.

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Views were shared on whether there was a need to tweak rules in order to help ease congestion, whether it was something that could be helped with more coaching hours or if it would naturally sort itself out as the competition matures over the next five years.