GRAND FINAL TEAMS: Line-ups locked in for do-or-die decider

TAYLOR Smith and Tayla Harris have both overcome respective injury concerns to be named for Sunday's Grand Final. 
Brisbane's Smith played through an ankle concern and Melbourne's Harris a shoulder issue in last week's preliminary finals, but both feature in unchanged line-ups for tomorrow's decider. 
Meanwhile, after rupturing her ACL on January 9th this year, inaugural Lion Kate Lutkins will play Grand Final number four and game number 50, and a host of her teammates will run out for their tenth AFLW final. 
At the other end of the scale, Lions Mikayla Pauga, Phoebe Monahan, Dee Heslop and Ruby Svarc will feature in their debut Grand Final.  
Despite it being just six months since the Demons' last Grand Final appearance, three new faces have been named to play, with Maeve Chaplin, Tahlia Gillard and Irishwoman Blaithin Mackin each set to feature for the first time. 

Dynamic Lions forward Zimmie Farquharson has not been named despite overcoming a finger injury in time for the decider.

Check the full teams out below.

Sunday, November 27

Brisbane v Melbourne at Brighton Homes Arena, 1.40pm AEST


B: S.Campbell 20 P.Monahan 11  
HB: B.Koenen - C 3 N.Grider 10 J.Ellenger 5
C: O.O'Dwyer 9 E.Bates 1 S.Conway 12
HF: C.Hodder 21 D.Davidson 14 I.Dawes 17
F: J.Wardlaw 30 G.Bodey 15
Foll: T.Hickie 2 C.Svarc 25 A.Anderson 18
I/C: K.Lutkins 13 D.Heslop 23 T.Smith 31 M.Pauga 27 R.Svarc 29  

Emerg: L.Pullar 24 Z.Farquharson 22 S.Webb 4

In: None
Out: None


B: L.Birch 9 T.Gillard 17  
HB: S.Heath 30 M.Gay 3 S.Goldrick 23
C: S.Lampard 8 T.Hanks 5 B.Mackin 31
HF: A.Bannan 16 K.Paxman 4 K.Hore 10
F: D.Pearce - C 6 T.Harris 7
Foll: L.Pearce 15 O.Purcell 2 E.West 11
I/C: M.Chaplin 13 C.Sherriff 18 L.Mithen 14 E.Zanker 29 M.Fitzsimon 24  

Emerg: C.Wilson 20 J.Ivey 19 M.Caris 21  

In: None
Out: None