Your club’s B&F: Roo's stellar season capped with club champion honour

JASMINE Garner has won North Melbourne's season seven best and fairest after another stellar season in the blue and white. 

It caps off an impressive season for Garner, who last month made the All-Australian team for the fifth consecutive season, was named captain for the first time, and took out the AFLCA Champion Player of the Year award for the second time. 

"This is a just reward for an all-round terrific season from Jas, it's thoroughly deserved," North Melbourne coach Darren Crocker said. 

"Jas is a fantastic person, not only is she a great player on-field, but she also plays a significant role in helping to build our team culture. As a coach, she is what you want in a player. From her on-field strengths to her qualities as a leader and person. We are lucky to have Jas." 

Brilliant Garner blitz propels North to prelims

03:03 Nov 12. 2022. 4:13 PM

Jasmine Garner puts on a trademark dominant display in the semi final

Ash Riddell finished in second place, and just one point behind in third was Jenna Bruton. Captain Emma Kearney and emerging midfielder Mia King finished in equal-fourth. 

Bruton was also named Shinboner of the Year, while Garner took out the fan-voted Next Level Performer award. 

Irish defender Erika O'Shea was awarded as the Best Young Player and important role player Amy Smith named Best Clubwoman. 

Scroll down to see the top 10 for each club, as well as the full list of award winners


343 votes: Anne Hatchard 
339 votes: Ebony Marinoff 
336 votes: Chelsea Biddell 
286 votes: Sarah Allan 
274 votes: Stevie-Lee Thompson 
273 votes: Caitlin Gould 
266 votes: Chelsea Randall 
261 votes: Teah Charlton 
193 votes: Madison Newman 
187 votes: Ashleigh Woodland 
Players' Player: Chelsea Biddell 
Leading Goalkicker: Ashleigh Woodland 
Best Defensive Player: Chelsea Biddell 


190 votes: Emily Bates 
187 votes: Ally Anderson
184 votes: Nat Grider 
178 votes: Cathy Svarc 
174 votes: Isabel Dawes 
166 votes: Tahlia Hickie 
166 votes: Bre Koenen 
166 votes: Sophie Conway 
164 votes: Orla O'Dwyer 
164 votes: Courtney Hodder 

Best First Year Player: Ruby Svarc
All For One Award: Jade Ellenger
Most Relentless Player: Kate Lutkins 
Most Competitive Player: Courtney Hodder
Trademark Player Award: Bre Koenen 
Best Finals Player: Emily Bate
Fan MVP: Cathy Svarc


86 votes: Mimi Hill 
84 votes: Abbie McKay 
61 votes: Breann Moody 
57 votes: Mua Laloifi 
52 votes: Lucy McEvoy 
50 votes: Kerryn Peterson

Rookie of the Year: Keeley Skepper 
Most Valuable Bluebagger: Mua Laloifi 
Coaches Award: Lucy McEvoy


84 votes: Jordyn Allen 
81 votes: Jaimee Lambert 
71 votes: Chloe Molloy 
64 votes: Ruby Schleicher 
51 votes: Mikala Cann 

Players' Player Award: Lauren Butler
Best First Year Player: Emily Smith
Side by Side Award: Paul Turk - Head of High Performance


98 votes: Maddy Prespakis 
71 votes: Bonnie Toogood 
57 votes: Steph Cain 
49 votes: Daria Bannister 
37 votes: Jacqui Vogt 
34 votes: Cat Phillips
33 votes: Steph Wales
29 votes: Georgia Gee
25 votes: Sophie Van De Heuvel
24 votes: Paige Scott 
Leading Goalkicker: Daria Bannister 
Rising Star Award: Steph Wales
Staff and Trainers Award: Federica Frew
Player Values Award: Bonnie Toogood
Best Club Person: Bonnie Toogood
Most Courageous Player: Daria Bannister 


169 votes: Kiara Bowers 
114 votes: Hayley Miller 
110 votes: Aine Tighe 
103 votes: Emma O'Driscoll 
98 votes: Ange Stannett 
96 votes: Laura Pugh 
93 votes: Mim Strom 
91 votes: Sarah Verrier 
88 votes: Megan Kauffman 
83 votes: Jess Low 
Player's Award: Kiara Bowers 
Best Clubwoman: Ange Stannett 
Best First-Year Player: Orlagh Lally 


127 votes: Amy McDonald 
123 votes: Georgie Prespakis 
67 votes: Nina Morrison 
46 votes: Chantel Emonson, Rebecca Webster 
39 votes: Shelley Scott 
37 votes: Chloe Scheer 
30 votes: Mikayla Bowen, Claudia Gunjaca 
25 votes: Meghan McDonald 

AFLW Fan MVP Award: Georgie Prespakis 
Grit Award: Georgie Prespakis 
Hoops Award: Mikayla Bowen 
Carter Family Community Champion Award: Kate Darby & Georgie Rankin 


279 votes: Charlie Rowbottom
240 votes: Alison Drennan
237 votes: Claudia Whitfort
214 votes: Vivien Saad
212 votes: Lauren Bella
210 votes: Lauren Ahrens
210 votes: Daisy D'Arcy
208 votes: Jac Dupuy
185 votes: Bess Keaney
182 votes: Tara Bohanna

Charlie Rowbottom in action in Gold Coast's round five win over Port Adelaide at Bond University on September 25, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

Players' Player: Georgia Clayden
Most Professional: Bess Keaney
Coach's Award: Jac Dupuy


99 votes: Alyce Parker
69 votes: Georgia Garnett 
68 votes: Tarni Evans 
47 votes: Jodie Hicks 
43 votes: Katherine Smith 
37 votes: Nicola Barr
31 votes: Alicia Eva 
29 votes: Madison Brazendale 
29 votes: Annalyse Lister 
28 votes: Cora Staunton

Alyce Parker in action in Greater Western Sydney's S7 round 10 clash with Gold Coast at Henson Park. Picture: Getty Images

Rising Star: Madison Brazendale 
Giants Community Award: Ally Dallaway 
Members Choice Award: Alyce Parker 
Mark of the Year: Katherine Smith 
Goal of the Year: Tarni Evans 
Defensive Moment of the Year: Katherine Smith 
Leading Goalkicker: Cora Staunton 
Jacinda Barclay Fearless Award: Georgia Garnett 
Coaches Award: Katherine Smith 


83 votes: Tilly Lucas-Rodd
74 votes: Aileen Gilroy
71 votes: Jasmine Fleming
56 votes: Kaitlyn Ashmore
55 votes: Lucy Wales
47 votes: Tamara Smith
46 votes: Charlotte Baskaran
38 votes: Akec Makur Chuot
32 votes: Catherine Brown
31 votes: Jess Duffin
31 votes: Tahlia Fellows

Best Club Person: Tamara Luke
Gold Standards Award: Aileen Gilroy (as voted by the players each week)
Most Improved: Tahlia Fellows
Rising Star: Jas Fleming


69 votes: Kate Hore 
64 votes: Tyla Hanks 
61 votes: Olivia Purcell 
60 votes: Lily Mithen 
56 votes: Tayla Harris, Shelley Heath, Karen Paxman 
55 votes: Libby Birch, Eliza West 
53 votes: Sarah Lampard 

Demon Spirit Award: Rhi Watt 


208 votes: Jasmine Garner 
175 votes: Ash Riddell 
174 votes: Jenna Bruton 
152 votes: Emma Kearney
152 votes: Mia King 
142 votes: Nicole Bresnehan 
138 votes: Amy Smith 
137 votes: Brooke Brown
137 votes: Jasmine Ferguson 
132 votes: Vikki Wall

Garner shows off class with unreal finish

00:39 Oct 2. 2022. 5:50 PM

Jasmine Garner continues her side's hot start with this exceptional goal on the run

Best Young Player: Erika O'Shea 
Shinboner of the Year: Jenna Bruton 
Next Level Performer: Jasmine Garner 
Best Clubwoman: Amy Smith 


86 votes: Hannah Ewings
81 votes: Erin Phillips
80 votes: Abbey Dowrick
79 votes: Angela Foley
77 votes: Maria Moloney
74 votes: Ebony O'Dea
71 votes: Jacqui Yorston
70 votes: Indy Tahau
68 votes: Kate Surman
63 votes: Alex Ballard

Best First Year Player: Hannah Ewings
Most Improved: Ella Boag
Players' Player: Ebony O'Dea


30 votes: Monique Conti 
26 votes: Eilish Sheerin 
24 votes: Gabby Seymour 
22 votes: Ellie McKenzie 
21 votes: Grace Egan 
17 votes: Courtney Wakefield 
14 votes: Sarah Hosking 
13 votes: Katelyn Cox 
12 votes: Kate Dempsey, Jess Hosking, Tessa Lavey 

Best First Year Player: Eilish Sheerin 
Leading Goalkicker: Courtney Wakefield 
Players' Player: Courtney Wakefield 


37 votes: Kate Shierlaw
34 votes: Bianca Jakobsson
32 votes: Molly McDonald
28 votes: Hannah Stuart
27 votes: Georgia Patrikios
26 votes: Alice Burke
26 votes: Olivia Vesely
25 votes: Nicola Stevens
24 votes: Tarni White
23 votes: Hannah Priest

AFLW Crest Award: Nicola Stevens
Sainter of the Year (fan-voted): Hannah Priest
AFLW Personal Excellence Career Award: Hannah Stuart
Best Emerging Player: Molly McDonald
Bernadette Sierakowski Allegiance Award: Gemma Sammut 


81 votes: Cynthia Hamilton 
71 votes: Montana Ham 
62 votes: Sofia Hurley 
42 votes: Brooke Lochland 
38 votes: Ella Heads 
33 votes: Lauren Szigeti 
31 votes: Molly Eastman 
31 votes: Paige Sheppard 
30 votes: Lisa Steane 

Cynthia Hamilton in action for Sydney against Fremantle in round nine, 2022 at Henson Park. Picture: Getty Images

Player's Player: Montana Ham 
Best Club Person: Alana Woodward


43 votes: Emma Swanson 
34 votes: Aisling McCarthy 
33 votes: Isabella Lewis 
32 votes: Charlie Thomas 
31 votes: Ella Roberts 
30 votes: Sophie McDonald 
23 votes: Dana Hooker 
19 votes: Courtney Rowley 
17 votes: Belinda Smith 
15 votes: Sarah Lakay 

Emma Swanson celebrates a goal during round six, season seven, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

Player Trademark Award: Isabella Lewis 
Best First Year Player: Ella Roberts 
Best Club Person: Evie Gooch 


94 votes: Ellie Blackburn 
78 votes: Alice Edmonds 
70 votes: Isabelle Pritchard 
61 votes: Kirsty Lamb 
49 votes: Jess Fitzgerald 
39 votes: Katie Lynch 
37 votes: Deanna Berry 
33 votes: Sarah Hartwig 
31 votes: Isabella Grant 
30 votes: Rylie Wilcox 
Coaches' Award: Jess Fitzgerald 
Community Award: Jess Fitzgerald 
Trainers' Award: Isabella Grant 
Domestique: Katie Lynch 
Best Young Player: Isabelle Pritchard 
Most Improved: Alice Edmonds 
Leading Goalkicker: Gabby Newton