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WATCH: When Kara met Ebony, a story of love, marriage, and footy

Meet the Antonios, the first married couple to play in the AFLW

FREMANTLE's Kara and Ebony Antonio are the first married couple to play in the AFLW competition.

The pair met through football before the advent of AFLW, when basketballer Ebony decided to try a new sport at WAFLW club Swan Districts.

Meet the Antonios: How football brought us together

04:13 Mar 11. 2020. 8:46 AM

A story of love, marriage and footy

"I was quite raw to the game, and I'd heard a lot about this so-called 'Juddy' (Kara), and I thought, who's this Juddy girl?" Ebony said.

Kara had a different first impression.

"She came across quite arrogant, a bit cocky, and it just sparked my interest a little bit. I wanted to get to know her a little bit more," Kara said.

"Of course, look at me," Ebony interjected with a grin.

The couple got married in October last year, with Kara (nee Donnellan) choosing to take Ebony's surname.

"I grew up with a single mum, and my old surname was linked to my dad. I didn't have much to do with him up until the age of nine," Kara said.

"It was a new start of a new chapter for ourselves and our own family. I think that surname was the last thing connecting me to that part of my life. I couldn't be ... prouder to have Antonio as my surname, it's something that connects us even more. 

"To be the first married couple to play AFL(W) together is obviously something really, really special as well."

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